Director behind Goldeneye and Casino Royale

As a die-hard film fan of 007, something regarding the director may could help you know more about related films. Martin Campbell is the hero who launched two actors – Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and won a big box office.

Prior to moving to England in 1966, Campbell was born in New Zealand and enjoyed his childhood in his hometown. Then, he stepped onto the vehicle to England and started his career as a cinematographer. Fortunately, the guy seized an opportunity and accomplished his directorial debut with The Sex Thief in 1973. Four years later, he became a producer on Black Joe and an associate producer in Scum. Though its study of the British borstal system to young offenders are controversial for most of people.

In the late 70s, Campbell entered into television industry and direct some popular UK shows, like Shoestring, The Professionals and Minder. But what cemented his status are two miniseries – Reilly and Edge of Darkness. Two leading roles in such two series also add strong strokes to his whole directorial career.

Because of his work on Edge of Darkness, Campbell was noticed by Bond Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Subsequently, he seized the critical opportunity to direct the magnificent commercial film Goldeneye. It was proved that the commercial film was a big success for reintroduction of the character six years later. There are also interesting elements such as panache and the like were added into it on the basis of the 90s cinematic heroes. In addition to above factors, new blood was also injected to the film, such as sophisticated antiheroes, high technology and the like.

When it comes to the Casino Royale, I was addicted to the starred actress – a new Bond Girl. In the film, Daniel Craig captured many people’s hearts for his cool and cruel determination, superb sex appeal and fatally destructive capability when combats with rivals. At present, he was paste the tag of 007, casting a superb death-defying, sportscar-driving, female-back-fondling Bond. It’s humiliating that some deny the film prior to the big success, especially those nay-sayers.

Starring James Bond in 007, Daniel Craig presented in lethal danger effortless, adding a serious actor to the unserious scenes. The film also reveals some immaturities, playfulness and absurdities of Bond, but these defects was covered quickly with his self-possession and intelligence. The Exchequer dispatches an accompanying official to Casino with Bond. The Bond girl who confronted with zillions of pounds from taxpayers’ features curve and embonpoint figure. Miss Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green, master a residual French accent when speaking English, which sounds like in an ironic tone.

In addition to long hair, she is not a common Bond Girl, featuring typical arrogance and inverted triangle face. Several close-ups of her reveals her anxieties and weaknesses, as if she has seen Bond dissecting a frog by the green baize. The franchise features product placements smartly, even one could perceive its existence.

Penélope Cruz – the Queen of Spain Review

Penélope Cruz rescued silly comedy on the 1950s film set in Franco’s Spain, casting a larger-than-life actor in an interesting and exciting story. In a series of excitable silliness in the disposable and entertaining comedy directed by Trueda, Penélope Cruz grab the big break in 1992. Actually, it is perhaps the nearest matter that the year’s Berlin film festival has to a Carry On. One may be impatient for one or two groans and finger-drumming moments, where sentimental characters, unsuitable nostalgia and knowingly sexual politics; a kind of puppyish delightfulness could also be perceived, such as one or two laughs, a cute song on a film set.

Against the background of the 1950s, the film extended like an archive-reel montage from the opening credits, and tagged with the ironic “real” figures of the movie. Cruz played a gorgeously beautiful and much-married Spanish star, appearing in the film, which was co-funded by an American and the Spanish state. The reason why Spain fund the film is its resoundingly patriotic subject matter – centered on the story of Queen Isabella of Castile. She impresses me with an elegant suit, matching with a simple beret.

At present, let’s look back to several classic moments regarding the Oscar-winning actress.

Zoolander 2

Cruz’s impresses public with her artful performances in the film Zoolander 2. That takes a long time to know more about what the connection with the undervalued gifts of Penelope Cruz. This time she would like to flex her comic muscles, together with Sacha Baron Cohen in Grimsby. At the same time, she will not leave her state behind, and intend to star in comedy The Queen of Spain later this year. Aiming at celebrating the big break as the Interpol agent Valentina Valencia, a belated comedy sequel, here is a look back at her best roles.

When she was 18 years old, Cruz played a role on big screens for the first time in the lurid comedy drama. While to a certain extent, the overblown sex scenes seem unsuitable for her young age. Casting the daughter of a prostitute in the village, she outperformed herself and made a breakthrough through vibrant performances, indicating greater things to come. In 1997, she began to receive praises from international stage after appearances in a science fiction. She managed to leave a lasting impression while the public eyes fell on the intricate story itself.


Her cooperation with Pedro Almodóvar began from a small role in Live Flesh and resumed with a more attractive role in All About My Mother. For the eccentric family surrounding a mother, she reminded audiences of her gifts after numerous appearances in films.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The first Hollywood film took good advantages of Cruz, was filmed in Spain and it allowed her show her charm in languages. As the ex-wife of Javier Bardem, she outshined her co-stars and proved it a big success with Woody Allen’s sparkling dialogue, netting her the first Academy Awards as a best supporting actress.

The Growth of Judi Dench

Judi Dench is better than many of contemporaries, because, in whole career life, her lowest point is higher than peaks of other actresses. It’s hardly improbable to assess her intact career only by rankings. For the purpose of celebration of the latest film, I choose several crucial and iconic roles for further analyses.

Dame Judi Dench, aged 82, experiences an uncommon acting career across stage, film and television. In retrospect to her past acting career, she won more than 50 competitive awards among 203 nominations and garnered more than $1.5 box office takings.


The film turned out to be an appealing one on the basis of a play and a book, in which two persons’ exchanging letters sounds like a pursuit for failure. However, David Hugh Jones’s efforts made great contributions to the attractive work. The film starred two persons – Sir Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft as the pen-pals. Judi Dench played a small supporting role as Hopkins’s wife, adding a layer of complexity to an almost love story and improves Hopkins’s casting to a higher level.


Dench played a second-longest serving royal in history while there were substantial differences between surface phenomena and realities. Most people may could perceive some obvious characteristics like cantankerousness, obesity, selfishness, moroseness and indifferences. Although it seemed that she was indifferent to suffering of her 400 million subjects, misconceptions were unravelled and revealed layer by layer through Dench’s masterful performances. It’s a rare opportunity for common people to look the side of the “Widow of Windsor”. Nuanced turn of Dench netted her two important awards – a Golden Globe and the first Academy Award nomination.


Judi Dench replayed her second royal characters – the imposing Queen Elizabeth I in the film Shakespeare in Love, which netted her the awards Best Supporting Actress Oscar only for eight minutes performances. It’s said that the award was also one of the most controversial moment. The starring role caught attentions from public eyes for a leading performance from a supporting character. She established herself in the man’s profession. Every frame of Dench in films is captivating, casting the most commanding appearances.


In 1999, Dench showed once again her superior ability to outshine co-stars even during less screen-time. In the film Tea With Mussolini, Judi Dench starred a trio of English Dames – Smith, Dench and Plowright. Although the film itself was a middling affair, consisting of a period piece with many commotion, not any genuine drama. Almost all screen-time was focused on Dench’s character – a lavish artist Arabella, whose addiction to Italian Renaissance history extended through screen to audiences in front of screens.


When it refers to science fiction, one rarely connect her to the genre, but Vin Diesel did this. After appreciating wonderful performances of Dench on the stage at Haymarket in London, Diesel invited her to appear in his hit Pitch Black. She immediately agreed and gleefully put on exaggerate wig and robe to play the “Air Elemental Ambassador” Aereon.